Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A pottering about kind of day

My UJ has been here today to be the driver for the FH. They went out this morning on errands, came home at 11am for a quick coffee before nipping off to the lunch club. They spent most of the afternoon digesting the lunch, before taking the trailer and going off to buy a tonne of washed ballast (mixed gravel and sand to the rest of us). Then it was time for tea and now they are out again at a Historical society talk about the floods of 1947. I expect they will turn up again soon!!

I have been doing things around the house and garden, tidying and catching up on a few things. The chicks have all been cleaned out and given fresh newspaper, for example. I've also been out in the garden and cut the front lawn as well as potting up some tomato plants - I have at least six kinds, I have realised - Gardener's Delight, Moneymaker, Garden Pearl, Sungold, Sweet Million and a kind I bought from Lidl which have a German name.....not sure, but they are growing! I was delighted to find that the second set of courgette seeds (Tristan) are through, as are the butternut squash seedlings. I also managed to fit in a little baking - chocolate buns with choc chips, for teatime.

I've managed to track down a 1988 copy of the British Poultry Standards from a secondhand bookshop in Nottinghamshire via at just £20 which is a bargain - new editions are going for over £57 on eBay, so I'm avoiding them.

The most exciting news of the day is that I have found someone in Kent, near Faversham, who breeds Brown Sussex poultry and she has agreed to sell me a trio for £100. Now I just have to arrange to go and get them - it's a three hour drive, so I am not sure when I will be able to fit it in, but the sooner the better. Now I'll have to sort out their accommodation...

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