Friday, 16 April 2010

Ash clouds from Iceland

The volcano which has been erupting in Iceland has caused havoc for the airport/plane industry this past couple of days, with no flights in this country yesterday and most of today as well. Just as well, then, that my neighbour's lovely mother, Jean, flew in from Cyprus on Wednesday evening for a visit. It was an amazing surprise to see her out with her grandson in the street yesterday and I rushed over to give her a big hug.

Yesterday I was in the garden most of the day again! And today, for some of it, too. I dug over the vegetable bed on which I had put most of the garden compost - it turned in surprisingly easily so a job I had been putting off for days as I was afraid it was going to be too much like hard work, I actually accomplished in about half an hour. I was definitely glowing when I had finished!

Tomorrow the FH is going out with my uncle for the day so I am going to take the girls and a friend to the cinema - we are going to see Nanny MacPhee's next film. I think Emma Thompson is a great actress so I am pleased that this is the film that they have chosen to watch.

Lots more washing has been done today and it is all dry. I couldn't face ironing tonight so I have just folded it and sorted it into each person's heap. I had a big tidy up in my room one morning this week so it is no surprise that mine is the largest heap.


Varis Creations said...

Mmmm...that volcano has cost me over £300 in cancelled bookings this hope it stops erupting soon

Morgan said...

Was that because people were going to be flying to get to you, or just because they didn't fancy coming out and about with the ash in the air?

I hope it stops too as our cars are both covered in a film of dust - a far less serious consequence than yours, of course. I hope the people rebook for later in the season...