Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Glorious sunny days

The plants in the greenhouse are taking the opportunity to grow fantastically well in this lovely weather. I have now got cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuces, French beans (a LOT of these!), sweet peas, courgettes, and butternut squash in there, with more to come. There are several kinds of tomatoes, lettuces and courgettes as I wanted to do a little comparison planting to see which had the best yields and resistance to problems. Unfortunately the grass seeds haven't started to sprout yet, so I think more watering is on the cards.

I found a wonderful organisation called The Real Seed Company which sells heirloom/heritage seeds - so I ordered some! Two kinds of dwarf French beans, a climbing French bean, one kind of tomato and one of kale. I'm really excited about these and will be sowing them soon! You can find their website and order through that. It is a membership club - cost of joining 1p - to get round not being allowed to sell this kind of seed to the "public".

Yesterday we resumed gymnastics, I had a budgeting meeting at school, and then helped the FH with some things. I hit the hay at 10.45 and slept!! Today I have been out with him this morning doing some deliveries, and dropped him off at the lunch club. I'll be going back for him at 1.30pm, then collecting the YFG from school at 3pm, the EFG from her school after 4.30pm when she has finished rounders club and then a Governors meeting tonight from 6.30pm. In between the trips here and there, I am going to make shepherd's pie for tea, as I have been looking forward to that for a few days.

I'm going to fold some laundry now, and then put my feet up for 10 minutes!

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