Monday, 19 April 2010

Driving, driving, driving!

It's in my blood: my dad worked as a driver and manager of a coach company, my mum drove minibuses, and I do enjoy driving, but it has become a chore now that I would gladly give up for a while.

Since the FH can't drive at the moment, I have to - to band, to school, to the shops, to work, to the post office, to the doctor's, to the hospital, to the art club, the lunch club, to get the picture. No longer can I say, "Could you just take so and so there?" or "Can you pick up the EFG from the after-school club?" because I know before I ask that he can't. End of. It means that I don't get odd half-hours to myself whilst everyone is out, because they can't all go out without me, and whatever needs doing/fetching/taking, it is me who has to do it.

I am finding myself getting rather anxious about it all, and wondering what could "give" at the moment to give me some space? Whatever I think, it would all affect somebody, so there isn't a lot I can do about it all at the moment, apart from pray that the 9th May sees the doctor say that the CPAP is working well enough that they can make the recommendation that the FH is fit to drive again.

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