Saturday, 12 October 2013

Winter warmings

A friend posted a link to this on Facebook, so I nipped over and had a look.  I'm not sure I believe it at all, since these papers do like to sensationalise stuff - it's all in the name of selling the paper, I suppose.  It is definitely colder here this weekend, and all the rain doesn't help at all; the woodburner is alight tonight, and the FH and EFG are watching tv and toasting their toes.  The YFG and I are in the office, and we are both well wrapped up in jumpers, with our socks and slippers on.  We're not cold, but we aren't quite as warm as they are!

Our winter preparations are well underway, and we feel reasonably secure in the knowledge that we won't starve or freeze if we can't get out for a couple of days.  We have two loads of firewood as well as the pallet wood that the FH has been collecting, we have a tank which is half full of oil, and two bottles of gas for the hob.  We can get through power cuts and still keep warm.  The food stores are full [although I do think we need a couple more cartons of UHT milk, must make a note!] and we will be fine, whenever the snow comes.

I don't doubt that the snow WILL come, it is just a question of when.  I really hope that it doesn't hit this weekend [I'm fairly sure it won't] as the EFG and I are off to Aberystwyth on Friday for the Open Day there on Saturday.  This week I will be making preparations for that trip, and sorting out stuff to leave here for the FH and YFG - UJ is coming to be with them for the weekend, as the responsibility of looking after the FH is too much for a 14 year old and I would rather that UJ was here with them in case anything goes wrong whilst we are away.  We will be away for two nights, so I am slightly concerned about my food [wheat and dairy restrictions] for that length of time as we usually self-cater, but you can't self-cater for two nights very easily as there just isn't anything available.  We have booked a hotel for two nights, so I am going to ring them on Monday and see what they can do to help me!

The girls are going out with my cousin tomorrow so I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation once I get the church service done in a nearby village - I will be home by 12, and then my feet will be going up!

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simplesuffolksmallholder said...

1pm and I hope you are sitting with your feet up as planned.
The Express LOVE their over the top weather predictions don't they.
I guess we shall see in due course if they are right