Friday, 25 October 2013

Got that Friday feeling

We've had a relaxing day in many ways - the girls had a long lie-in this morning since they didn't need to get up for school.  I let the chooks out and popped off to school to give out a couple of prizes in the celebration assembly today, which was fun!  Then I came home to see who was up - they were all awake at least...

The Craft Club at the chapel was the next thing, and I was really chuffed to have time to sit and knit my scarf in between helping to make the tea.  We began to wrap shoe boxes in Christmas paper in preparation for the Operation Christmas Child boxes to be filled and dispatched.  We only have 12 boxes so we need about 13 more to get to our target of 25 this year, but several of the ladies think that they might have odd ones at home and have promised to ferret them out for us.  Next week we will be having our Worship Lunch, and will be having jacket potatoes so we made arrangements today for the cooking - we have no oven at the chapel and so we have a lovely lady who lives not far away who has offered to cook them for us.

Nipped home for some lunch with the family and then I took the girls and we went to school.  The massive project of cataloguing and stickering books for a reading programme is still underway, and I took advantage of the girls' availability to have a good sort out in the library at school.

Tonight, we have had our supper and the YFG and the FH are watching a horror film together, and there is a lot of screaming going on!  The EFG has one eye on the tv but she is doing some sewing, making felt Christmas tree decorations - they are very good and I am impressed - hope she makes a few more.  I'll share some pictures when she has finished some. I am sitting at the table with the EFG, using her laptop to go through the websites of the unis which she is thinking of applying to, looking for their financial support packages - Aberdeen and Aberystwyth are the most generous, and I shall be encouraging her to apply to both of them as the extra benefits of the awards will more than offset the extra travel costs, I believe.  I can see a uni finance post coming up in the not too distant future!

I am about to put a chicken in the slow cooker to roast overnight, and I know that when we wake up in the morning, the house will be full of the most delicious smells!  Better go and sort it out - hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for reading xx

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