Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The latest calamity

The minister has four chapels to directly oversee and is the superintendent over about 12 chapels in this circuit, and we have him on the plan to take the Harvest service on Sunday afternoon.  It's a special service and people are coming from other villages as well.  There's a kid's Harvest competition for him to judge too.  I had a meeting with his wife yesterday as she is now my tutor for the Faith & Worship course since the last one retired, and she let us know that unfortunately, he was admitted to hospital on Monday night with a pulmonary embolism, and he won't be here on Sunday. of course.

The acting Super rang me yesterday afternoon and let me know that although he had tried, he couldn't find anyone else available to take our service, so he thought I might do it, so I told him that I would love to except that I would be travelling home from Aberystwyth; he then said that the chapel would have to do it as a Local Arrangement, to which I replied that actually, I do those too....I wondered about asking Rev Bob if it was too far to come [ ;) ]....I sighed and phoned a friend!

The outcome is that we have decided that our husbands will stage-manage the service, or direct operations, if you will.  We have children who will read prayers, we have a band to play the music and some volunteers to do the readings.  There won't be a sermon, but there can be a short "message" about the harvest meaning.  It will be fine, I keep telling myself, as God will be there and that is what matters.

Today has been quieter really, and I have had the chance to do some washing, hoovering and tidying.  The bags are not yet packed for Aberystwyth, but the clothes are washed ready at least!  The route is planned and the offer of a satnav has been taken up so we shall have TomTom directing us when we feel the need.  UJ has returned from a blustery week on the North Norfolk coast, and we are glad to have him close to home again.  The caravan there has been sold and we believe it will be removed from the site next month so that era is well and truly over now.  We shall have to look for other affordable holiday venues for next summer as I want to have a holiday together somewhere next year: the EFG will be off to uni next September so I feel like next summer is our last certain opportunity to do things like that, as who knows what she will find to do in the future?!

I was going to add that not a penny has been spent today, but that wouldn't have been true as the FH has been to his lunch club.  He is getting concerned about the sustainability of the group as the attendance has dropped significantly lately and the costs are not being covered.  It would be a shame to see it close but the charges can hardly be raised any further as they are already charging £4.50 for a main course and a pudding, which whilst not extortionate, is still plenty.


Angela said...

It is a shame Rev Bob has to preach at our evening service - otherwise we could have left after our morning service and stopped off at yours en route to Norfolk!

I am sure all will go well, will be praying for all those involved [and you, negotiating Wales with the Sat Nav] xx

rabbitquilter said...

Off out tomorrow, so just wishing you well for the weekend. X