Monday, 28 October 2013

Creative day

We had a great start to the day when Ang and Rev Bob popped in on their way home from Norfolk so we had a lovely chat and a cuppa.  It was great to meet them - my first blogland meeting - and they are lovely, as I thought they would be!  Rev Bob is very tall!  Thanks for the George Foreman grill, Ang - we are going to try it out this week!

This afternoon, I continued with my resting theme for the weekend, and watched Mamma Mia with the FH whilst the girls went for a walk in the late autumn sunshine which had broken through after the storm.  Whilst I was watching the film, I made the little owl above - it's a Christmas tree decoration.  I am going to seal the edges of the wings with some pva glue to stop them from fraying.  I'm quite chuffed with my first one, and then I sat and cut out the felt and material for five more.  We have run out of the appropriate coloured threads to actually make any more up today, so I turned my attention to knitting and finished off the last scarf for the Christmas boxes.  We will be packing the OCC boxes this Friday, so it was just in the nick of time too.

And the storm?  Yes, it passed over us without doing too much damage.  The whole garden is sodden, so we must have had a lot of rain overnight, but the early morning about 7am apparently saw the strongest gusts of wind.  The only actual damage we sustained here was where two fence panels became detached from their common fence post, so the FH went round to the neighbour's side and straightened the nails so he could bang them back in whilst I held the panels in position from our side.  It was all rectified in about 20 minutes.

I've been watching the news and thinking about all those who have had serious damage to their homes and businesses, and the families of those who have lost their lives this weekend.  Such terrible scenes on the television news reports today - it gives us a great deal to be thankful for here tonight.


Angela said...

Mamma Mia is a great film to watch while crafting/sewing/knitting - I sing along to the Abba tunes as I stitch away xx

Lesley said...

He looks lovely and festive! Very impressive! Lesley x

veeknits19 said...

Great owl, you are so clever, I'm looking forward to seeing the others in due course. I'm also knitting for the Christmas shoe boxes, hats in my case with lots of donated odds & ends of wool. Glad you have managed to sort out the storm damage & were relatively unscathed.
How lovely to have a visit from a bloggy friend, I always stop by both of your blogs & enjoy what I read. Have a restful day, Vee x

Morgan said...

Thanks, all - I have managed most of another one of these today, but just need to stuff and seal! The girls are going great guns and doing all sorts, but I think I may stick to one design now I have it clear in my mind!

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Love the owl Morgan and Angela's Star. If you changed his colours, the owl could almost be a bat.
Read what you said about FH prefering vinegary tastes since his hospital stay. My Dad was the same when they changed some of his heart medicines too.

Morgan said...

Hi Kim - thanks for dropping in! The owl DOES look a little more bat-like than I would have liked, but let's keep that to ourselves ;)

As to the FH's taste issues, it is challenging to find things which he can "taste" as he keeps saying he wants something "tasty" which I have to keep reminding myself is NOT a criticism of my cooking, just that his tastebuds are not working properly! Strong flavours get through the tastebuds, so he likes vinegary things, strong things like onions and garlic, and curry in particular. My stash of pickles is coming in very handy xx