Monday, 7 October 2013

Back to frugalling

Today began early, as we have been northwards to an eye clinic at the hospital, where I have had drops put in my eyes, and extremely bright lights shone into my eyes, which hurt, but I have been given the all clear.  A charming European [not UK, but of undistinguishable origin] eye surgeon had a good look and declared that my eyes are fine - it's my age!  In my mother's time, I would have been middle-aged now, at 41, but I do like to think I have a few years left yet!

Tea tonight for the folks was a baked spaghetti dish - made with home-grown tomatoes, an onion courtesy of UJ's garden, some spaghetti and half a ball of mozzarella cheese, with a couple of garlic cloves.  A sprinkling of grated cheese on the top and there was dinner for three, with leftovers, for not a lot of dosh!

Then I found some left over chocolate brownies which had been languishing in a container since the Macmillan coffee morning on the 27th September.  They looked edible and smelled fine, but no one fancied them, so I mashed them to crumbs and popped a Sainsbury's Supreme Dessert [from AF] on the top with a suggestion of cocoa powder over the top, and it suddenly became appetising again!  Waste not, want not and all that.

I also had to go into school to work with the leadership team on a letter which will go home with the children when they take their copies of the Ofsted report home tomorrow.  

Tonight, the FH has retired to bed early as his ankles are hurting from the walking he had to do this morning because we couldn't park anywhere near the hospital.  He has been watching repeats of the Hairy Bikers, so I have dug out my copy of their Bake-cation trip around Europe - I am sure that Linzertorte is going to have to go on the menu here one day soon!

Good night x

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Angela said...

I love your Choc Pudding - you definitely score "Brownie Points" for that one!!