Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Slowing down

Tonight, I have pottered quite happily!  

I have been feeling today that the weekend has caught up with me, so after the gym class at school, I came home, made a cuppa and sat and chatted with the FH and UJ.  

I cooked the tea, and then we all stayed at the table for a while, still chatting away!  Tonight, I have had a long, hot bath, and wallowed for over half an hour, reading a book, and it has done me the world of good!

I know that the girls are getting tired as well, as the YFG has had 90 minutes fast asleep on the sofa soon after she came in from school.  We are all very ready for half-term next week - the girls have only tomorrow left at school before they are done.  

Tomorrow [after buying the Daily Mirror for the Aldi voucher - mustn't forget!] the FH has an appointment at the local cottage hospital to see the rheumatologist about his gout - it is a 9 month follow-up appointment and he is a little reluctant to go, but we will go, although any prescriptions will be checked with Papworth this time!

Off to do a row or two of knitting whilst I watch the news.

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