Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Special Sunday

Well, it kicked off with a rather long lie-in - it was 10am before I woke up this morning and then I had to dash straight out in my wellies and feed the poor chooks!

The morning passed by in a blur of washing, talking with UJ, chatting with the family about the weekend, having some lunch, and then, as we were chatting again after lunch, I suddenly looked at my watch and realised it was time to get to church, for the Harvest Festival service.  I had prepared the service for the FH and another chap to deliver, but the FH thought I should do his part since I was back, and the other chap didn't turn up until 15 minutes into the service, so I just carried on!

It was a lovely service, with the village brass band playing for the hymns, and having a slot in the middle of the service to play their own selection - It's Raining Men, Love Story, something from How to Train Your Dragon and then Born Free to round it off - they were magnificent and we were very proud of them all!

This evening, I have finally had a chance to catch up on a few rows of my knitting, and I have watched Downton Abbey.  UJ has gone home, but he will be back to stay again overnight on Tuesday to come to the Harvest Supper and then the lunch club on Wednesday - he's almost moving in!  We do enjoy him being here, so it is a pleasure to have him stay more often.

I have no appointments until tomorrow afternoon, so I plan to catch up on some housework, and washing [there's always washing to do here!] and then I have a quiz to prepare for the Harvest Supper evening....anyone got any good questions?!

And here's the photo of the prom at Aberystwyth I have been promising - taken yesterday afternoon at about 4pm, just as we were leaving.  The hotel is in that row of houses on the left, and the sea is just the other side of the cars on the right.  Five of the houses are now Halls of Residence, and the noise on a Friday night was, well, as might be expected for a load of students, I suppose - loud!

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