Friday, 18 October 2013

We've arrived!

After a very long journey with multiple stops along the way, we made it!  Arriving in Aberystwyth at 5pm, we checked into the hotel, which is right on the promenade, and I am sure that the rooms at the front of the hotel will be able to hear the sea pounding on the wall of the prom all night!  We are at the back [in a standard, rather than superior] room, so we are looking out at the row of houses behind the hotel, but that isn't a big deal.  We have had a drive round the town, and been impressed with the shops we have seen - far more than I was expecting, and some posh ones, like Laura Ashley and Next, alongside the more down to earth kinds!

We found Morrison's, and had our tea there as it was very reasonable!  We have come back to the room now, and I am chatting to you, and catching up on your blogs, whilst the EFG does some homework.  Later on we are doing to watch a DVD, and read.  I have also brought my knitting so I can do a few rows whilst we watch the film.

We have a full day of talks and tours tomorrow, so we won't be late to bed, and I am tired as driving always makes me sleep well!  We have an appointment to ring  home at 9pm, and I have also had a word with my dad to let him know we arrived safely.

If the weather is halfway decent tomorrow, I shall take some photos to share, so watch this space!


Angela said...

Glad you arrived safely. Hope you both sleep well and enjoy your Welsh weekend x

Pam said...

I am glad you like Aber, I love it and have had several stops there on my way to and from Cardigan. I aim to stay for a few days next time.

Lesley said...

I hope that you both enjoy your day tomorrow! Lesley x