Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday morning serenity

Ann Voskamp has posted a list of links, and there is one which is especially beautiful - I would recommend you get a cup of tea and just sit and take in the beauty of these photographs here.  Simply stunning!


Fay McKenzie said...

Simply beautiful - thank you for sharing.!

Ciao said...

Hi Morgan, I bought a big slow cooker at Aldi and cooked a chicken in it, how do you do yours? I sat the chicken on 3 foil balls then added a small amount of water, put it on high for 3 hours then low for 6 seemed to be cooked made sandwiches with one of the breasts and we will be having the rest today.
Feel very off balance so not planning on doing much, spent a few minutes pulling ivy off the front of the house being very careful not to disturb the wires that are there....