Saturday, 19 October 2013

Home again

I know, I know - we weren't supposed to come home until tomorrow, but when you have seen all you want to see, been to all the talks, driven round the town, seen the sea, and it is pouring down with rain, what else are you to do?!  We have had a busy early part of the day, at the uni by 9.45am and talking to lecturers, visiting labs, listening to talks, etc and collecting a bag full of paperwork and brochures.

By 2.30pm, after being caught in the rain, we were back in our hotel room, and the EFG was reading a magazine whilst she had a snack, and I was reading, sat on the bed with a cup of tea.  I idly suggested that I would be up for coming home, but she convinced me to stay another night, as planned, and then got on with some chemistry homework for an hour.  Just before 4pm, she said, "SHALL we go home?" and we started to gather our stuff!  We were on the road by 4.15pm, and home here by 9pm!

Yes, it would have been nice to enjoy another night in a hotel, relaxing, but actually, the reality to us both was that it was preferable to get home to our family and our own house!  We realised that staying another night would actually be a waste, and so we came home.....

We surprised the FH and the YFG, and UJ, but they were really pleased to see us, which was very rewarding!  The EFG was shattered, and in bed asleep shortly before 10pm.  I am about to nod off too.

There are no photos, as with the rain and miserable weather we had during the day, we didn't take any!  The weather cleared up when we were leaving, and I managed one shot of the prom where the hotel is, so I shall share that tomorrow.  We have both really enjoyed visiting Aberystwyth and it is a definite on her application list, along with Lincoln.....what the other three end up being remains to be seen.

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rabbitquilter said...

Glad you are home safely and the trip was worth the effort!