Monday, 14 October 2013

My day off

Monday has lately been what I call my day off.  I quite often have nowhere that I need to be on a Monday, except at home, and that suits me fine.  There's no gymnastics to rush off to, no church meetings [well, once a quarter, perhaps], not often need to go to school for anything, and I can potter about at my own speed, especially if I have had a busy weekend with gym and church.  It is not quite a day of rest, but it is a day to plod!

Today I have plodded around a little, done some housework, put laundry away, went to town briefly with the FH along for the ride, cooked a nice dinner with meat from the freezer, and spent the afternoon and early evening working on my Faith & Worship course, ready for a meeting tomorrow.  I had a long bath tonight, and read a book in there - so I missed half of Doc Martin...whoops!

Sometimes a day like today is very necessary to recharge the batteries.  I have also made some plans for the route to Aberystwyth.  I had a look at the supermarkets on the route once we hit Wales, for the possible facilities we may need to use once we run out of service stations on the motorways and hit the A roads.  I think we should all move to Aberystwyth, as there is a Morrison's there - and nary a Tesco for 40 miles!  I am just beginning to work up a little enthusiasm for this trip - just a smidgen, you know.  I've got until Friday.

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simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Aber is a lovely town, but by golly it can be 2 coats colder than here in the east!