Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tuesday tootlings

Well, tootling makes a change from plodding, doesn't it?  I have been doing housework and trying to catch up a little on yesterday - one fridge gave up the ghost yesterday so I had to clean out an old one which we had set aside to be disposed of because it was so old, and surplus to requirements - thank goodness we hadn't actually got round to moving it on!  It is now spruced up and in position in the utility room, humming away nicely and keeping lots of things cold.

I took the FH to the village doctor today for a check on his ear infections, which are improving.

This afternoon, the Head Coach came over with a lot of vegetables for us - a cauliflower and a cabbage, some potatoes, runner beans, beetroot, and  some rhubarb.  It was very kind, and we shall use them all - we had the beans for tea tonight and they were lovely.

So, I am off to wash up and sort the kitchen out - a big meal to cook for the FH and his five gentlemen (including UJ) tomorrow so I want things shipshape before I start!

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