Monday, 20 August 2012

Fond memories

I cannot believe that my beautiful EFG will be 16 years old tomorrow...and getting GCSE results on Thursday.  Where have the years gone?  It feels like just a week or so ago that she was a little tot and learning so many new things, as she still is, but I have to start letting go now.  Quite scary for me!  But she is growing into herself now, and is becoming a very beautiful young woman, and I am so proud of her and all that she has achieved in the last couple of years.

She has made herself a gorgeous birthday cake today - they have both made their own for the last few years, and really enjoyed making individual cakes of their own design.  The EFG enjoys playing a card game called Sopio, so she made herself a rectangular cake, which I helped her to cover with white fondant icing so that it looked like a card, and she has used chocolate writing icing to decorate it - I was impressed.

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Varis Creations said...

Please wish the EFG a Happy Birthday and big hug from me. I don't know where the time has gone either...