Thursday, 9 August 2012

Grocery and spending

Delighted to report that the grocery spending has had a number of No Spend Days this week, and we are still at about £110 for the month, which was the beginning of the month stock-up on basic items last Friday.  We are running out of fresh items now that we are approaching the weekend again, and a list is being generated.  We are going to town on Saturday to set up the gymnastics equipment for next week's holiday club, so we will combine our trips to do the shopping at the same time - and we are heading straight to Lidl's this week!

Looking back over the week, we have spent a good bit of time at home, amusing ourselves, and doing some reading, cleaning and tidying, dealing with the garden and the bees, and generally looking after the FH, who has had his acupuncture session today and is feeling OK.

I am pleased to have these weeks where there is less pressure to go places and do things, but I am still under some pressure to work - I have to prepare the service for Sunday at the chapel, and I have to find a way to generate more interest in a job at the school because I am sadly lacking applicants and need the post filled for September, but I have to do it without spending much cash.....will sleep on it and think more tomorrow!

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