Saturday, 11 August 2012

Saturday busy-ness

We've had quite a day today!

  • Meeting up with the Head Coach at the gym and setting it all out ready for the holiday club on Monday - it took just over an hour, and involved a lot of lugging, so it was quite hard work!
  • Going to Lidl and doing the shopping for the week, as well as re-stocking the pantry.  More on that another day.
  • This afternoon, preparing the service for the chapel in the morning.
  • Four loads of washing out on the line in the lovely sunshine we have enjoyed today.
  • A surprise visit from another of the FH's cousins - on his mother's side this time - J who died yesterday was the last of the cousins on his dad's side of the family.  We heard that J's memorial service will take place in two weeks' time.
  • We have watched history in the making - Mo Farrah becoming a double Olympic champion tonight!  What an amazing athlete he is.  We also had one eye on the diving this evening whilst the visitors were here - delighted to see Tom Daley come through and take the bronze medal.
  • And, news of the hedgehogs!  No sightings of them, but fresh poo in the garden so they are still around - the best news.

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