Thursday, 2 August 2012

A bit of a buzz

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One kind of buzz first - the kind of buzzing high that I am sure some of the athletes at the Games are getting!

I am so impressed with the level of the competitions I have been watching.  I know I am biased, but the British guys and gals are doing really well - the double trap shooting today was won by a young chap from Dorset, I think, who must have immense concentration skills to keep his cool through shooting 100 pairs of shots and only dropping a handful.  He was so focussed.  The cyclists have won gold (the men) but also been disqualified (the women), so thank goodness there are more events to come in the velodrome - the atmosphere in there must be electric.  The gymnastics was amazing this afternoon - the American Gabrielle Douglas did a super job to win the gold, and the two Russians were second and third, but I was so impressed with our little 15 year old Rebecca Tunney, who made 13th.  To just be in the top 24 all around gymnasts in the world is SOME achievement, and they all deserve recognition for that.  And then there are the rowers, the swimmers, the whole shebang!  It is great, and we are loving it.

Another kind of buzz is the bees in the garden....not so good!  They swarmed again today, twice, and the neighbour who has been very patient finally told the FH that they really need to be moved, and I agreed with her!  The FH is a little miffed, but she is right, and he has reluctantly agreed to move them to a friend's place where there is the opportunity to amalgamate what he has left in this hive with another hive.

And the final buzz is the one I am getting from realising today that I have kept out of the shops for a whole working week.  I haven't been shopping (haven't needed to!) since last weekend, or even before that!  I have spent a little money, when the girls decided that they were desperate for tinned Heinz ravioli for lunch and I gave them some money and told them to bike to the village shop!  I have ordered something from Silversewer this week, and I have donated a small amount to the chapel, at the service on Sunday, but apart from that, my purse is no lighter - hurray!

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