Sunday, 26 August 2012

Abundance in the garden

The garden is producing at last, after rather a slow start.  It has been delightful tonight to pop outside and pick just enough French beans for my supper, and it was very nice this afternoon to be able to gather together a bundle of goodies to drop round to a friend's house: she got a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes, a cucumber, two wee courgettes, a handful of runner beans and two red peppers from the greenhouse, as well as half a dozen eggs.  She was delighted, and very appreciative.

Last night, the rain here was torrential, as it was across large swathes of the countryside - I watched as the raindrops bounced off my car and wondered whether it would ever stop!  And the thunderstorms which accompanied the rain went on for several hours.  But today has been quite different, thank goodness - dry and bright most of the day.  A little chilly in the evening, and we are really noticing that the nights are drawing in now - autumn is in the air, I think.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold?  The YFG is supposed to be swinging through the trees at Thetford Forest's Go Ape experience, with my cousin's husband, but unfortunately, the cousin's husband's father has been in hospital today, and so we are waiting to see whether the outing will go ahead.  I am also a little concerned that even if he is fit to be left for a few hours, the weather may not be terribly kind to the apes in the trees, and those of us walking in the woods underneath may get drenched.  You can tell my spirit of adventure is sadly lacking, I know!

I hope you are able to enjoy the extra day if you are not at work tomorrow, and spend time with family and friends, as we are hoping to be able to do.

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