Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Guest post

Hello! My mum is the owner of this blog, Morgan! She has given me the opportunity to write on her page. Such a privilege! I have been stuck for what to write...the first thing that came to mind, as it's my sister's 16th birthday today, I thought "Ah, I'll write about us". 
My sister and I don't always get along, as you would expect of two siblings, however, when, and I mean WHEN we do get along, we really do get along!!! I love her to pieces and miss her every time she goes for a sleepover, goes out, or even when she's in her room doing what she does best...watching YouTube or is on a social networking site. When we both get something new, the same, (recently we got a Nintendo 3Ds each) we can't help but play on them together. We share the games that we own and play two player on some of them. As we are in the summer holidays, most days we have been stuck for things to do. Most of the time one of us has said "Do you want to watch a film?". And then we end up watching one upstairs. But now we are running out of films to watch! 
When my sister is way to busy to be with me if she is doing her homework or anything else she may be busy doing, there are times when I think to myself "I REALLY WANT A DOG". Dogs can be great company. I've always wanted a dog, however I have always been afraid of other peoples dogs. Some are okay as I have got use to them. Me getting a dog will never happen as my dad can't stand dogs around the house. This really upsets me. My mum really wants a greyhound. If we were to get one, then I'd much prefer a Border Collie or a Labrador. When I sit alone dreaming of a dog to have as my own, but then realise that it will never happen, it just makes me want to cry as that is a dream of mine that can't come true at the moment. When my sister is busy, I could be busy too, taking it for walks with my best friend down the road who has a gorgeous Border Collie. Or even playing with him/her in the garden. We only have a cat. She isn't much company as she isn't the cuddly type! She can get quite vicious! You really don't want to get on the wrong side of her when she's in a hissy!!!! 
My sister most definitely tops a dog or the cat! (Although I really DO want a doggy). 
There has been days where I have done something to upset her and she has been in a mood all day long. I really don't know how she does it. When she upsets me, I try to be in a mood to show her that I can do it too, but I end up forgiving her and then I feel as if I have failed at trying to show her that she isn't the only one who can get a little grumpy.   
What I am trying to say is I really really love my sister and I want her to know that...I know she already knows, but I wanted to show her in a way that meant something!!! 
When my family read this, I want my dad to realise what a dog would mean to me, I want my mum to see how much my sister means to me, and I want my sister to realise that she is a really big part of my life! :) 
Love YFG xxxx


Lesley said...

Lovely post YFG, well done!

Thrifty Household said...

I'd love to have a dog too! We're dog sitting at the moment & it has been really good fun- a dog holiday for me! Perhaps you could look after a friend's dog whilst they are on holiday? Then you'd get the best of both worlds...?

dreamer said...

This is a lovely post :)
I have a border collie and he is really clever and great company, I hope one day your dad changes his mind xx