Saturday, 4 August 2012

Health issues = sleepless nights

Oh my, what a night we had last night!  The FH has three major problems at this moment in time - he was stung earlier in the week, so he has a hand which looks like a bunch of fat sausages; he has ear infections in both ears, so he is slightly deaf, and speaking loud; and then yesterday morning when he woke up, his feet have "gone bad" again, so he is struggling to walk, even with the crutches.......

Last night, he wanted a bandage putting on at 1.20am, so I did that, and got him settled back into bed, swapping sides so he had less distance to cover to the toilet, if the need arose.  He sleeps facing me when he is on that side, so I get the draught from the sleeping mask over me, resulting in me having to sleep lower down the bed to avoid it, or having to put up a barrier!  Sometime later in the night, he decided to have a shower, I thought, as I heard the shower screens crashing and the water running....I dozed through that - we have an ensuite so all the noise was happening about 6 feet away from where I was trying to sleep.  And then there seemed to be another bout of showering sometime just before dawn, and I dozed through that as well. I managed to sleep through the alarm after all that waking and dozing in the night, and woke up at 10.45am this morning!  Not good, and the poor chooks were quite ready for their breakfast when I dashed out there to give it to them minutes after leaping out of bed.

Apparently, he wasn't showering in the middle of the night, but spraying cold water onto his foot as he said it had swollen up under the bandage and become very hot.  Then he did have a shower early this morning, but also ran the cold water on the feet again.

He got up shortly after I did, and he has had some cold massage gel rubbed onto the worst area of his worst foot, and he is resting them both whilst watching more sport.  Have to say that the spare mattress on the EFG's floor is looking more and more attractive!


Lesley said...

That does sound rough! I am impressed that you managed to doze through all that. When my husband has a rough night due to asthma or various other health issues he tends to decamp to the landing or elsewhere. The kids never know where Daddy will be in the morning!

Wannabe Sybil said...

Sending good wishes for FH. Also, your sleep is IMPORTANT and I recommend a comfy sofa and/or one of the fold out foam chairs for the sake of sanity. Hugs to you both! WS xxx