Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Half a room

Half of the room is pretty much finished - just the far end where the piano stands to do and that is not ready to be revealed quite yet!  I haven't really been here to do it today, so we have lapsed behind schedule a little.

I was getting fed up of people traipsing through here, so I decided to block off the patio doors again, which also makes better use of the space.  So, against the patio door is the "writing" desk, which the YFG has taken over this evening to do her art homework - all about Andy Goldsworthy, apparently.  She has been happily working there for over an hour this evening, so that part of the room is a success.  

The large cupboard in the corner holds files, boxes, craft stuff, stationery, etc - it is MY cupboard!  It isn't quite finished though - the FH made it quite a few years ago and I am still waiting for handles on the middle pair of doors and for the top doors to be glazed yet.  Mmmm...  He also made the computer trolley next to it, based on a design pinched from a catalogue - recycled from an old TV stand that someone gave him.  And the end panel of that desk you can see - where my mug of tea is sitting - he made that desk as well. Originally designed for the YFG's bedroom, but quite ok in here now, and useful to have at the side on the computer trolley for resting folders and books on.  I have squeezed the filing cabinet under the knee hole of this desk, as I don't sit at it in that direction.

The random dress hanging from the curtain rail is there because it doesn't fit anyone any longer and is hanging there to remind me to find it a new home.  I washed the curtains so they will be rehung when they are ironed.

This shows the "library" shelving which the FH made (he's pretty handy, eh?!) and the little chair which belongs to the YFG.  These bookshelves hold cook books, children's books, health titles, home ed stuff, novels, religious books, and magazines in magazine holders filed according to titles.  There are four sections to this shelving system here, although you can only just see the fourth.

I am very pleased with the achievement here.  It perhaps says something on a feng shui level (I know very little) but the two junk/most cluttered rooms in the house are one on top of the other in this back corner of the house.  Hoping that once I finish sorting this one out, I can move on to the other.  Slowly does it, though. I have the complete works of Dickens up there though, in individual books - quite a collection - and no idea of where to re home them.

This has been frugal home making at its best, because I haven't spent a penny to transform this room; any furniture or items new to this room are just transplanted here from other areas of the house, and that rug has been rolled up in the garage for quite some time since we decided not to use it in the kitchen.  


Wannabe Sybil said...

It looks really lovely - time to bask in it! WS xxxx

Arwedd said...

That's quite a lot of books, but the room is looking very lovely.

Just to let you know there is a little consolation prize from my Giveaway waiting for you, if you e-mail me your details.

Arwedd xx