Sunday, 5 August 2012

Quietly on a Sunday

The FH has had a day in bed, resting his feet and being waited upon all day!  He has been watching the tv on and off, dozing and generally getting his rest.......let's hope he is not wide awake all night, watching tv some more!

I crept around this morning and did the chores outside, woke the YFG and we tottered off to chapel for the 9.30 am start to the service.  It was quiet there this morning, with a big family away at a wedding and a couple of others missing for one reason or another - so we had a contemplative time with the minister, reflecting on some changes he wants to make in the circuit.  There were enough of us to make a noise, singing the hymns, anyway.

I baked a cake when I got home, and gave the FH some lunch.  After that, I sort of conked out, and watched Louis Smith and Max Whitlock win medals on the pommel horse, and a few other bits and pieces, whilst sorting through a big pile of books and magazines.  Tonight, the girls cooked the supper, and I am looking forward to watching the 100m final to see if Usain Bolt lives up to all the hype!

We have had some terrific thunderstorms and torrents of rain here this afternoon, and I saw on the news that there is a lot of flooding in the Borders, so my thoughts are with those families who are suffering in any way in this uncertain weather.

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