Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hopefully tomorrow...

I am very hopeful that by tomorrow the office/dining room will be finished!  It has been a long slog, and hard work, but I am very pleased with the results so far - and I shall take some photos tomorrow when it is done!

I have created the "quiet room" which I have been craving.  Now there are two desks in here - one for the desktop pc and one for writing at - and more space around them.  There is also a rug on the floor which the YFG has already sprawled all over this morning doing her French homework, so she obviously feels relaxed in here.  We have brought in a small chair, and I have tidied up the bookshelves so that this part of the library is a little more organised - the other half of it is under the stairs and is a project for another time!

I have discovered that I have enough notebooks to supply a small school, and enough pens for them as well - we will not run out of black biros this side of Christmas, and I have all the Christmas cards I need this year!

My organisation challenge is that I have paperwork for so many different areas of my life, and they all have to be stored somewhere - stuff for gymnastics, papers for school, work for the church course I am doing and of course, I am keeping all the sermons I have written.  I have brought in a small, two-drawer filing cabinet from the garage, in the hope of putting "school" in the bottom drawer and "church" in the top drawer.  Some of it has been filed tonight, but there is a lot still to be sorted.

The shredder gave up the ghost after nearly filling a huge clear recycling bag which the council give us.  To be fair, it was working very hard, and perhaps it just over heated, but I will give it another go tomorrow when it will be cold, and see if it has any spark of life left in it.  The recycling lorry will come next week, and I am not sure that they will be impressed with three extra sacks as well as the bin!!

It is very therapeutic though, and it has cleared no end of space.  Just a few more little bits to finish tomorrow.  It feels like a new room, and it hasn't cost me a penny - it has saved me a few with all the stuff I have "found"!

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Wannabe Sybil said...

Well done! Don't forget to sit back, look round and revel in it. It does sound lovely as well, and hopefully will make life easier WS xxx