Friday, 17 August 2012

Thinking ahead

I am not sure whether I have done this before with French sticks, although I know I have done it with refrigerator dough, but last night I made up a batch of French stick dough in the bread machine, and it was nearly 11pm before it was done, so I didn't want to wait around for it to rise again and then bake - I wanted to go to bed!  So I shaped it and laid it in the French stick mould, then covered it with a tea towel and left it in the bottom of the fridge overnight to rise - and it did - quite well!  This morning, all I had to do was to bake the bread, which was the easy part!

The ladies at the craft club at the chapel are doing a knitting marathon today, beginning at 10am and going through until 10am tomorrow morning, so I wanted to provide a couple of my French sticks for lunch and for snacking, as I know that several of the ladies like them.  I will be going along later on this afternoon for a shift  on the rota, after we have been to the gym holiday club.

The holiday club at gym has been going well, although it is rather full-on to be doing 4 hours a day every day!  The YFG is training for a competition, so she is working hard - she comes home every afternoon and flops out to watch a film!  The EFG is helping to coach and is doing really well with a group of little girls - she is making a plan each day and following through, so I am proud of her.  She wants to go on and do the first level of coaching courses, so now that she is about to tun 16 next week, I can book her on to one.

The weather is forecast to get hot this weekend, so we will have to be prepared - unfortunately, the gazebo blew down and destroyed itself into a heap of mangled aluminium in the heavy wind we had here on Wednesday, so we don't have anywhere to sit outside in the shade now.  Plan B will be to sit close to the workshop in its shade while we can, and then retreat to the north facing sitting room, I think!


Angela said...

Sorry about the dead gazebo. Ours blew itself to bits on Jubilee Sunday - but fortunately Bob had some bits from the friend's gazebo which died in December. He has now re-created two working gazebos from three sets of mangled metal. Unfortunately we have no spare bits left now to pass on to you, sorry.
I have never made French bread in my machine - can you supply more details - and pictures, please? [I do learn so much from my friends blogs]
hope the knit-marathon is good

blessings x

Morgan said...

Angela - too late for photos this time as they have been eaten!! I will do this as a post later in the week and take photos as I go along when I make the next batch. I am sure the family won't object as they like them xx