Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cooling down at last

Today has been hot again here - very hot.  In the region of 31C again.  Heat like this is very tiring - the YFG had a four hour nap on the sofa yesterday afternoon, fuelled, I think, by the busy week she had had at the gym holiday club, but also by yesterday's heat.

Today was a more active day for both of us - I was taking the chapel service several miles north of here to start with, and then I took the YFG and a little friend to a different gym to train on some better equipment than we have at our home gym club.  We are going to be doing a competition at this other gym in September so we took a group of the competitors over to have a go on the equipment there and to familiarise themselves with the environment.

The service went well, judging by the comments from the congregation as they were leaving.  They were all very kind and supportive, but it is a much larger building than I am used to and I had to wear a clip-on microphone - I was very glad of the co-operation of the sound person who very sympathetically turned it off each time we sang a hymn as the congregation really did not need to be subjected to my singing!!  By the end of the service, I could feel the perspiration on my forehead, and felt as if I was wilting a little.

The training at the gym was similarly hot and hard work as well - we had to train for 30 minutes and then rest for 15 as it was so warm and the children were becoming fatigued quickly, which can be dangerous.  It was a good training session in many ways, though, and I am glad we gave the children the opportunity.

The EFG had a day in London yesterday at "Summer in the City" which was a "gathering" of fans who watch Youtube videos of Vloggers - people who keep video diaries on Youtube, I believe.  The EFG follows several in particular, and was hoping that they would be there - and apparently a couple of them were, so she was very pleased and also enjoyed the interactions with fellow fans.  The FH was concerned about where she was going and asked if the police would be there, to which she replied that it wasn't a rave or a riot, but he still seemed to think that the police should attend....after I explained that her friend's mother was taking them and would scout the venue before she left them there for a couple of hours, he seemed to accept it.  She will be 16 this week, and it is beyond the time she needs to become a little more independent, but his age and lack of up to date experience of teenagers means that he worries more than perhaps is necessary, although I can't say I blame him.  She has just announced that she is hoping to go to a Harry Potter convention in London next year - she had better start saving some pennies towards all this gadding around.

And so tonight I have had a shower, had a rest and a chat with a neighbour, eaten some easily prepared supper and now I am just longing for a cup of tea and maybe I will do a couple of rows of my knitting.  Tomorrow is another day...

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