Monday, 6 August 2012


Unfortunately, we didn't come across this chap (the tv programme hasn't been the same since he left!) but after spending the best part of 5 hours at the hospital, we did come away with some positive news.  The staff were lovely, too, even if they aren't famous!

It has been a long day, and it was a longer night for the FH, battling with the pain in his ankle, so he woke me at 6am with demands to be taken somewhere where someone could do something to help him!  I knew that the village doctor wasn't going to be a lot of help, so I rang the heart hospital for advice - I know that sounds weird, but they are exceptionally good there, and very pleased to give advice whenever we have a problem. I explained that although the cardiac consultant had told the GP to refer the FH for his foot to a rheumatologist, the GP had refused to do so on two occasions, and now what should we do?  The sister told me to take the FH to the local A&E, where they would be able to give him stronger pain relief, and would have access to specialist departments, and could call them for advice if necessary over his medication.

So I did.  The FH made noises about the amount of time we had to wait to be seen initially (60 minutes), the length of time we waited for an x-ray (90 minutes) and the wait for the doctor again after the x-ray (about another 60 minutes), and then for the codeine to be dispensed (30 minutes)  BUT we had success overall - codeine for the pain, fluid aspirated from the ankle, which has relieved a little of the pain, and the fluid is going to be analysed - AND the consultant has promised to refer the FH to the rheumatologist because the GP won't.  Hallelujah!


Kim @ Lavender Fields Forever said...

So Sorry to hear that your OH is not well & Thank God that he was able to get some relief and that he will get the referal he needs.
Hope OH starts to feel better soon

Morgan said...

Thanks, Kim xx