Wednesday, 2 June 2010

This and that

This lolly block maker arrived today. I ordered it from here and it arrived yesterday or today - I found it today in the hidey hole that the postman and I have agreed as a safe drop if I am not here! It is very sturdy and seems well worth the outlay. It is all her fault, as the lollies she suggests and makes look fabulous!!

The blocks stand in the stainless holder very well, and you fill them up with mixture and then pop a lolly stick through the hole and freeze - very simple!

I followed the recipe Sue uses in the post here for chocolate lollies and they should be ready for the heatwave tomorrow!!

Here they are, ready to go in the freezer. Must get more lolly sticks, though, as the 16 provided won't last long here!

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Sue said...

Lakeland stock big bags of lolly sticks ;o) Glad you liked them!

Sue x