Thursday, 3 June 2010

Chick tally and chick flick

The real thing first - there are now six GPO chicks in the brooder box, the latest just put in there tonight as it had been in the incubator all day. There are also six Brown Sussex in the second brooder box - the last one is still waving a leg around in the incubator and attempting to get out of the egg. Given that I want to breed strong and healthy birds, it is not getting any help. I hope it makes it.

The chick flick was "Hotel for Dogs" which I watched with the EFG as our after-lunch treat today. The FH and the YFG had gone out to Wicksteed Park in Kettering, and we had done plenty of chores around the place - washing and weeding mostly - so we sat and flopped out in front of the tv during the hottest part of the day.

After that, we had to go to town for several bits and bobs - an application for a Railcard for a journey later in the year, corn for a neighbour's chooks, to pick up the certified dead laptop, and to get some fruit and veggies.

The FH and YFG got home at about 7pm after a very hot and exciting day, by all accounts. The YFG took her friend T along for the day, and the FH took one of his older gentlemen along for the ride - the men sat and slept and then watched the world go by, I think, whilst the girls went on every ride in sight and had a wonderful time!! The YFG had applied plenty of sunscreen so she isn't burned but she does have some strap marks on her shoulders, so more is needed next time! She's completely flat out in bed now and I think she will sleep very well tonight.

The Brown Sussex eggs I ordered from eBay have arrived, but the Barred Plymouth Rock ones didn't turn up this morning, so I am hoping they come tomorrow and then I can get all of them into the incubator tomorrow at the same time. The next lot of GPO are due on Wednesday so we are still turning those eggs at the moment.


Greentwinsmummy said...

Morgan which EBayer do you get your eggs from? I had one lot last year & they all failed,I wondered if they had got too cold in transit but then this year have had a clutch abandoned by one broody(who turned out to prefer running around to sitting lol!) left for almost a day,then my good old broody wyandotte sat on them,sadly they all died? whether that was to do with them getting cold I dont know?some didnt make it out the shell & 2 I found dead under her,Shes sitting on others but I am after a couple of specific breeds & wondered if I dare try Ebay again....
hope you are all well! i often read but get little time to comment doh!
GTM x xx x

Morgan said...

We have had spectacular success with some ebay eggs and terrible failures and it is really hard to work out why!! I've emailed you.