Friday, 18 June 2010

Day out at the show

The EFG wasn't too well last night, so she couldn't go to school today (they have rules about this sort of thing!) but she was actually fine this morning, so I took her to the East of England Show today. Today is cheap day - £6 for adults and kids go free. At the weekend, a family ticket would be £28, so I deliberately chose today. The Fh wouldn't have managed to walk around as he has sore ankles and feet, and the YFG was at school, practising for her play.

We had a good mooch around - we got there at about 10.45am, and we stayed until approx 1.45pm so we weren't there that long, but that was the time I had available, so we made the most of it.

The EFG took some lovely photos which I will have to wait for her to download and send to me, but I can tell you about some of wasn't as good as some years, as there seemed to be a lot of green grass on show where in years gone by, there would have been stalls. There were a lot of animals - which was good, and very interesting. We looked around and looked some more - we did make some small purchases, though. There is a company called Elegance Skincare, and they make a gorgeous Gardener's Honey Handcream, which does wonders for the YFG's eczema, so I bought two little tubs of that, as it is cheaper at shows than through mailorder. I bought the YFG a necklace, as a sort of consolation because she didn't get to come, and then I got a walnut cake, which is her favourite - but although she said it was good, she said it wasn't as good as mine - she knows how to butter me up!!

Possibly the best bit was meeting up, quite accidentally, with some old friends who had moved away from our area to live in Peterborough and we had lost touch with them. Their eldest son was in the EFG's class at school, but now he is so tall, I couldn't believe it! He is a lovely young man, and their daughter has grown up from the five or six year old I remember, into an almost-teenager! Their younger boy is about 7 or 8 now, and a really cheeky little chap. They were all playing in one of the orchestras which were taking it in turns to play to the people relaxing in deckchairs. Mum was on the trumpet, elder boy on the tuba, younger boy on the trombone, and doing really well, and dad was on the French horn. We couldn't see the daughter, but she was playing too. It was amazing to see them and catch up on their news.

Tonight we have been to gymnastics, and are quite tired after our day. I have been so impressed to see the YFG do a Hecht into a dive roll - she soared through the air and even the HC said he had never seen her do it as well as that before; I didn't know she had done it before! The EFG is beginning to come with us to learn how to do some coaching. I think she enjoyed it tonight as she was asking plenty of questions!

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