Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Clocking up the miles

My beloved car, an N registered Vauxhall Astra estate car, has just this week notched up her 100,000th mile! I've had her for a long time - about 12 years or more now, and she is still going strong. She never lets me down, and hauls no end of stuff around. Long may she continue...

The weather continues to be hot and bothersome. I am not someone who enjoys this heat, as I would prefer to turn the thermostat on the county down a notch or two to a more comfortable level. I am probably one of those people who prefer colder weather as I do find it easier to get warm than to cool down! At this time of night, I have a cake in the oven as it would have been unbearable to have had the oven on during the day and been busy in the kitchen at the same time. I am making this chocolate brownie recipe, as recommended by Sue at The Quince Tree.

Today I have spent at gym, as the school where we train has been hosting a sports festival for all the Y6 children who will be moving up in September. We did four sessions of gymnastics, all at quite a basic level, but we identified a few potential gymnasts, and also welcomed some children we knew who have stopped coming to the club for one reason or another but who were part of the Y6 group moving up this year.

The YFG is off to her new secondary school for the day tomorrow and she is rather excited! She has packed her bag and prepared her lunch, and gone to bed early. I am hoping she gets on OK and will be desperate to hear all about it when she gets off the bus at 4pm.

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