Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Baking Day

This morning, I did some baking - Harry Eastwood's All American Vanilla Cupcakes, and the carrot cake I gave the recipe for a day or three ago! I hadn't planned to make that, but the carrots I bought on Saturday had gone soft and horrible, so I washed them, peeled and grated them up and there was exactly enough for two carrot cakes. Unfortunately, I've no cream cheese in, so they will be getting the sprinkle of icing sugar over the top.

Other news - the FH and the EFG cleaned the slabs under the verandah this afternoon; they look sparkling clean now, and he and I ate out there tonight when I got home from gym. It is lovely out there at that time in the evening - so peaceful.

The weather is set fair for the week ahead, so I am looking forward to some more gardening time this week - lawns to be cut, still haven't sown more lettuce seeds, weeding to do, etc. The wonderful soil we bought in and have spread liberally around the garden has brought it's own plague of weeds along for the ride - haven't identified them yet, but I keep hoeing them when I have a chance.

I ordered some Davina fitness DVDs yesterday - we are feeling the need to drop some pounds and get a bit fitter! I need to lose a couple of stone if I am honest, and it would make my life easier, but my dietary restrictions make it difficult. Excuses! I am hoping that if I up the exercise, I may get away with eating the usual stuff that I am used to...The FH needs to lose considerably more - probably about 5 stone (aaargh!!!) but I don't see it happening - his bad ankles and feet put exercise beyond his reach, apparently, and he loves cheese too much!! I may go back to Slimming World in the long run but we'll see how the exercise goes for now - I need more energy!

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