Saturday, 12 June 2010

Raising the roof

The major achievement today is that the boards are on the chicken shed. It is a long way from being finished, but progress is being made.

The weather has held up today and the afternoon turned out to be quite warm. The washing got on the line sometime after 4pm and most of it has managed to get dry - I'm just off to shut up the chicken houses, and then I can bring the washing in and fold it.

Tomorrow is the big day for two of the volunteers at gym; we are going to Peterborough so that they can take their exam for the Level 1 course. I am hoping that they both pass! The YFG and her friend P are going to be two of the four gymnasts which the volunteers will use to demonstrate their coaching abilities. I'm planning to watch from the gallery - I'll be on tenterhooks up there!!

More lolly sticks came in the post today - 500 of them. I was hugely impressed with the service from a cookshop in Monmouthshire - I ordered them yesterday and they arrived this morning. Do have a look around their website if you love to cook!!

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