Saturday, 19 June 2010

Midsummer approaches

It may soon be the longest day but the weather is far from summery. The FH even contemplated lighting the fire this evening, but has settled instead for a thick jumper and a hot cup of tea. Sure enough, I have just been out to shut up the hens and it is quite light enough to see without a torch, and we have a couple more days before the light starts to fade again. It feels like those glorious days we had in April and May must have been the summer, and this today feels more autumnal with grey clouds scudding across the sky in the wind, and the sun hidden behind them. I am hoping that there may be a few more sunny days - but I fear we may have to wait until September for them!!

It is too cold to put the chicks out under the verandah at the moment, although I had wanted to do so today. Fingers crossed for later in the week.

Tomorrow sees the start of the 40 day/£100 challenge initiated by the YFG this time, so I will be going through the freezers to plan the meals as far ahead as I can. I am going to make a point of making more vegetarian meals this time! Watch this space...

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