Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rain, rain, go away

Enough is enough - and we have definitely had enough! The water butts are overflowing, the ground is sodden, and I need to get out there and do some more gardening...

Yesterday was a kitchen day - I cleaned out several cupboards and they now look fresh and sparkling. A lot of things I don't use very often have been stored in the garage, so there is a little more wiggle room in the cupboards - and I have found something I really, really want!! A nifty carousel to go in one of my awkward cupboards - there's a picture here and it would be so handy. I'll put it on the wish-list for later when I have some spare money (ha! when is money ever spare? but you know what I mean!).

Today I wasted most of the morning as I just didn't feel that well so I sat around in my pjs until lunchtime, watching daytime TV - if you have a ukelele in the loft, it just might fetch £400 at auction! Sad. I perked up a little after lunch, and then had to go to a meeting at school at 3pm, post some eggs off to GTM with a little prayer that they get there safely, and then head off to gym. I could have had more enthusiasm tonight, but I managed. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

The EFG has had some good results in her exams, and now that the results are filtering through, it really is a delight to see how hard she has worked. The YFG did her SATS but I have no idea how well she has done. She is off to a day at the secondary school next week, so she will get an idea of what life might be like there.

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