Thursday, 17 June 2010

Out of the mouth of babes.......

comes such wisdom at times that it floors me.

I had taken a neighbour shopping this morning, and thought that I would get my own shopping done as well so that I didn't have to trudge around the supermarket on Saturday afternoon, which is when I went last week. Last week, I was doing some restocking from the special offers, and I spent just over £100. Today I went with a list, and only deviated from it slightly, and the bill still came to nearly £75!!

When we were eating supper tonight, I jokingly said that we would have to stop eating as it was getting so expensive, so the YFG simply suggested that we do another £100 challenge - and the FH and EFG agreed! She said that we should do it for 40 days this time, drew up a contract with each of them declaring that they would not ask for things nor encourage me to spend money, and made us all sign it! Who could possibly ask for more support than that?!? We begin on Sunday.

On the other side of the coin, I have noticed, as have many people on the MSE forums, that the shops are putting the prices up quite dramatically! Prices are not rising by a penny here and there, but by 20p in places, and even more. It could be quite frightening - it has made me stop and think a while, certainly. I am keen to hear the new Budget on 22 June and find out what "lifestyle changes" this new Government has in store for us.

One piece of good news, anyway: we have a motorhome which we bought in 2003 and have had some great little holidays with it. It has been to Scotland, Norfolk and Suffolk, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire that I can remember. It was cosy when the children were small, and it has become more cramped as they have grown!! Unfortunately there was some hidden damp when we bought it, and it has got worse. The FH effected some repairs which were ample to allow us to continue to use it, and he and the girls had a few days in it at Norwich last summer when the EFG attended a summer school at the UEA, but we haven't been too far in it lately! Developments today - a man knocked at the door and asked if it was for sale - and we agreed to sell it to him. He seems to know how to repair it himself, and it is frankly a weight off our minds to know that it is going. He left a deposit today and is coming back for it tomorrow when he will pay the balance. We have got back much less than we paid, but we are satisfied with the happy memories and the good use we have made of it over the years.

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Greentwinsmummy said...

Oh hun your girls are so wonderful!
I have noticed prices rocketing,butter went up 10p a packet a few weeks back!!!My dairy farmer neighbour says hes not getting more for his milk!
What I keep meaning to do,is to blog a shop, blog up what I have bought & see if anyone can suggest other things I can use or how to go without the things.
I seem to come out with 4 big resuable shopping bags & it costs nearly always £80~£100 & I buy little meat from the super,very little veg as well. I think omg whats it gone on!!
GTM x x x