Thursday, 24 June 2010

More ladies in waiting

Tonight we have put eggs under two more broodies - one is a Dutch bantam called Leah, who is now sitting on 5 GPO eggs, and the other is the Silver Laced Wyandotte hen, who has been given 6 eggs of assorted origin. They are tucked up on their nests tonight, and we will be hoping for more success in three weeks' time. The current broody Light Sussex has only days to wait before she pops but she has already rejected two of the eggs, so there will be a maximum of 6 left to hatch. 'Tis her first time, and I don't think she is sitting on the eggs very well as you can occasionally see odd eggs peeking out from under her feathers.

The YFG has had her sports day at school this morning and came home delighted to report that althgough she didn't win any races, she did manage several second and third places, so a big round of applause for her. The weather has been much more comfortable here today with some breezes and even the odd cloud.

After school, we nipped quickly to town to pick up the EFG and then went to the other town to the supermarket as I needed some Quark to make a cheesecake. The recipe hasn't arrived yet from my sister, so I am not sure what I am going to do with the Quark, but hopefully I'll find out in the morning. I did ask her for the recipe two weeks ago, and had hoped to do a dummy run at it before I have to make it for "company" so think of me tomorrow making this! I have to provide a strawberry dessert for the church Strawberry tea on Saturday and tomorrow will be my only opportunity to make it!

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