Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Strawberry surprise

I said a while back that the strawberry bed was full of grass and weeds - it is also chock-full of beautiful berries hiding in the undergrowth!! I pulled two and three quarter pounds of succulent berries tonight - I got stung in the process, but they are gorgeous, and the YFG has already asked for some for her snack tomorrow and the FH has pilfered some too!

Today has been hot, hot, hot! I spent an hour watching tv during the hottest part of the day, and pottered around inside as well as it was just too hot to be working outside. Unfortunately, I lost my Sutherland kale seedlings to the heat yesterday, so I need to sow some more - I was really disappointed about that when I discovered them this morning. I was up early to get the hose pipe out in the greenhouse, but I think that I need to be earlier tomorrow. The cucumbers will be hitting the greenhouse roof within days if they continue at their current rate of growth and there are lots of tiny cucumbers growing on their stems.

The 6 GPO chicks and 7 Brown Sussex chicks are now in a run on the lawn in the back garden. It seems very early to be putting them out, at nearly three weeks old, but they have been off the heat for over a week now, and all seem fit and strong. The one with the bad foot has totally integrated into the mini flock now, thank goodness, so I am really pleased about that.

The YFG has Sports Day in the morning so we will be getting her organised with plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat for that. There is little shade on the school field, so this year it has been organised to take place first thing in the morning, so I hope that it will all be over before the temperatures peak.

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