Saturday, 5 June 2010

Another day in the garden

It has been swelteringly hot again today, but I am so pleased with the work we have done in the garden.

We finished late last night putting some topsoil and compost into the veg beds so that I could plant this morning, so I got stuck in and got the second variety of dwarf beans in - they are called Ferrari and were planted before the Tendercrop but are nowhere near as advanced so they are not living up to their name!! Hopefully they will crop well anyway.

I also got the climbing French beans, the heritage Cherokee Trail of Tears, planted in a trough so that they can go up the trellis too. The courgettes have been put in as well, and interplanted with lettuce, which will be ready before the courgettes spread out too far. And then I sowed some seeds straight into the ground - French flat-leaved parsley, spring onions, beetroot and radish.

After all that, it was late lunchtime, and shower time! I sat down for a while to cool off, and then headed off to the County gym meeting at Huntingdon. That was an eye-opener! I went with another coach from our club, and we met coaches from several other gyms in the county which was good, and it is brilliant to get to know other coaches for the future as we may be looking for help and advice in the years to come so they will be the people we are turning to!

Tonight, I came home and cooked a very simple supper - salmon, new potatoes and broccoli/peas - and sat down to watch the Final of Britain's Got Talent. The right people, Spelbound, won - yay! I will be looking out for Christopher Stone in the future, though, as he has got a great voice and really came out of himself in the last two shows.

The evening ritual of shutting up the henhouses has been expanded now to include watering the beds and the greenhouse, but rain is forecast tomorrow so I may get a night off soon. Can't complain - it's a peaceful job, wandering round the garden in the twilight.

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Poppy's Place said...

I think you new look blog is excellent. I get so inspired by seeing other people's vegetable growing. I'm a real novice only growing small amounts but hopefully next year will follow some of your example and expand. I'm really interested to see how all your growing goes, it might increase my confidence!