Friday, 4 June 2010

Fen photo fest

We have been out in the garden all day today - and I took some photos to celebrate what we have achieved! Above - six "Burpless" ridge cucumbers planted in pots near the new trellis so that they can climb and enjoy sunshine nearly all day.

One of the two new water butts to collect rainwater that we can use to water the plants - note the watering can handily stored at the side.

More cucumbers and lettuce planted in the greenhouse - three of these are the "Burpless" variety and the other three are "Telegraph".

These are some of the runner beans, planted this afternoon. The FH made these troughs quite wide so I thought I would make use of the extra space and put a few lettuce plants in there as well. The troughs are filled with a mixture of the topsoil we had delivered and some "soil enhancer" the girls and the FH fetched this afternoon from the household recycling centre - it's free so they brought a trailer load home. Some of it is in the troughs and some is going on the veg beds.

More runner beans - the other side of the trellis and slightly narrower troughs so just beans here.

I let the four Brown Sussex out of their little run this afternoon so that I could take more photos of them - they soon took advantage of the opportunity to have a good scratch around.

Here is Lancelot - he's a fine figure of a cockerel but I am beginning to wonder if he is all mouth and no trousers, if you get my drift, as none of us has caught him in action yet, and we have spent time watching them!

The hens look quite drab from a distance but up close there are some beautiful marks on their feathers and we think they are gorgeous!

They really enjoyed getting under the bushes and having a good scratch around!

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