Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Budget blues

Was I moaning about the weather the other day? Rain, wind and chills? Now we have gone completely in the other direction and we are perspiring sitting still! The YFG went to an athletics day for an intervillage festival today and came home as red as a beetroot and far too hot and bothered to contemplate going to gym, so I went alone whilst she had a cool swish in the bath, watched tv and then cleaned the lounge. I owe her one!

Today the YFG helped me with two other gymnasts at her school to present Assembly all about gym. I broke the ice at the beginning by telling them all that "gymnastics" comes from a Greek word, gymnos, which means "naked" because originally it was done in the nude! They all had a chuckle at that!! It was fun and the three of them were good helpers - and the teacher in charge of the assembly gave them two merit points each, which pleased them.

This afternoon, I watched George Osborne present the new Budget to Parliament. I took notes, and I think that the only measures which will affect us in a big way will be the hike in VAT in January, and the freeze on Child Benefit. I don't earn enough to benefit from the increased personal allowance, and the FH might only possibly be affected because of his age anyway. I think that the other changes will affect us all in some way or another, but in a less obvious way - we'll have to wait until it all trickles through to daily life and then assess the impact it has on us. I don't see any change to our moneysaving way of life! As far as VAT goes, if we plan to make any big purchases, we will think about making them this side of 4/1/11.

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