Sunday, 20 June 2010

Shopping here and dashing there

The FH was pleasantly surprised this morning with his stash of Father's Day gifts - shaving foam and after-shave balm, Maltesers and a Rum truffle log bought from a hand-made chocolate stall at the show on Friday. I think he had forgotten all about Father's Day, so when we presented him with a goody bag just before church, he was pleased! He used the balm immediately, hoping to wow the ladies at church... I rang my dad this evening, and he is fine.

After church, I had plans. They included weeding, hanging washing, reading, snoozing a little, ironing...that sort of thing. Instead, we nipped off to Peterborough (twice in one week!!) to get the shoes for the YFG to wear with her dress and tiara on the float at the festival next month. We had directions to a particular shop, Kempston's, near Asda on Viersen Platz, so we went there. Unfortunately, the sandals that the YFG wanted were not wide enough for her feet, but we did get a lovely pair of sparkly silver slip-ons, for only £12.99, so I was relieved at that price.

You may wonder how that squares with starting her challenge - these were a prior intended purchase and necessary, so allowed. There will be no further book, DVD, shoe, clothing, trinket, gift, etc purchased, though - it will be making do until the 40 days are up. I am looking forward to it.

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