Tuesday, 2 September 2008

They've gone back to school

and it is so quiet without them!!!! I'm sure I will soon get used to it and the FH is still around, so it is not that quiet. He has just popped out to see a friend so the sound of the chickens in the garden is all the noise there is at the moment - both breadmakers are on, too, though they are both in the rising part of the cycle so no sounds there either. Will have to go and make some myself in a minute with the hoover.

I took the picture of the greenhouse so that I could show the almost-finished product. I am pleased with it, and looking forward to growing things in it!

Both of the FGs went off to school quite happily this morning, with no worries and no backward glances, so I count myself blessed that they are content! The EFG found it strange to put a tie back on after so long without, though. She'll soon be used to it again.

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