Monday, 29 September 2008

Sleeping the day away!

Well, almost! I got the FGs off to school, sorted the poultry, did some basic tidying and then I went back to bed....I was so tired after the Macmillan preparations and not having the chance to catch up on my sleep over the weekend, that I just had to give in and sleep today. I got up again at about 2pm in time to have a snack and get myself in gear before it was time to pick up the YFG from school.

We have been to band tonight, and not only did the FH sign up for the trombone, but I got roped in too! I started off with the flugelhorn but that wasn't working terribly well, so I moved across to the euphonium, with which I got on much better, and managed to play some of the C-scale, so I was very pleased with myself!

So, there isn't much to report today since I was asleep for a lot of it, but all is well.

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