Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Internet wobbles

I have had some trouble with my internet connection or my router lately, and so my ability to post yesterday was hit and miss - and when I had time to post last night, I had no connection!

Anyway, we are watching the Paralympics and being so proud of all the fantastic althetes who are taking part - I was going to say, "winning medals" but they are all doing wonderfully well, medals or not!

The FGs had both heard that the world was going to end today without understanding anything about the massive experiment beginning today in Switzerland. I hadn't heard about it last night, but got up to speed this morning by watching Breakfast on BBC. Obviously, the world hasn't ended if you are still reading this, and I did reassure them this morning that the experiment would not have been allowed if there was a big risk (well, I hope not anyway!!)

The EFG came home yesterday from school with a form to be completed for her to receive the new cervical cancer vaccine - or the vaccine for HPV which should reduce the risk of cervical cancer. I have some reservations about her having this right now - she is only 12, and I do not think it is necessary to give it so young, and perhaps there has not been enough research into the safety of the vaccine yet. She seems to want to have it done, so I must look into it a little more. I am puzzled by the leaflet which says that the decision is legally hers.......really? Why do I have to sign consent forms for her medical treatment, then? We'll see. I'll let you know what we decide, as the injections aren't due to be given at the school until the 8th October so we have a little time.

The YFG is going to play with her friend after school so I have been released from the rigours of the school run this afternoon - although I have the EFG going to a group tonight in the village, and a school meeting tonight so small mercies, eh?

The chickens are happy, the veg are growing, the greenhouse has plants in residence, in short. BUT two of the baby rabbit have died, so there are just two remaining, but they are looking healthy and rounded. This is not a shock for us, as unfortunately Rosie does not have a good history of having a second litter in a year. Perhaps we should bear that in mind and not let her have a second litter next year. However, if these two live, and I think that they will, it will be a better outcome than last year, when all but one died and we had to hand rear him. Also on the rabbit news was the discovery of a wild brown rabbit in the garden this morning. The EFG was excited at seeing it when she was feeding the others, and came in to tell us how enchanting it looked, but the FH and I were not so happy as we are concerned about the transfer of disease to our domestic pets. We have had a good look at the fences but can't find where it got in.

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