Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Buns for tea, but not at three!

Sorry that photo is a bit out of focus! The joys of the storecupboard were brought home to me again this afternoon when YFG asked if her friend could come home to play for the rest of the afternoon, and I jokingly said, "Only if she likes turkey stew!" as that was what I had prepped for tea. Her poor friend's face fell as she said, quite reluctantly, "I don't like turkey!" I had to think quickly, pat her gently on the shoulder and tell her that that was OK really as there was plenty of pizza in the freezer that I could pull out. I had made a spare one last week and so that was their tea sorted, but there was still no pudding - little girls need pudding when they have guests for tea, so I quickly whipped up a batch of buns, popped them in the oven before the pizza went in and iced them pink when they had cooled. Job done and three happy girls.

I have had a good day at "work" today as I had a call from a school wanting to buy 90 books as gifts for their children (I am an Usborne bookseller) but the only snag is that they need them to give to the kids on Monday! Our order turnaround is fast, but not that fast, so I am going to meet with the Head at 8.30 tomorrow morning, and hopefully he will be able to choose the books for the children from a selection that I am going to take with me - he certainly won't be able to have any that would need to be ordered. I do business with this school regularly so I am pleased to be able to help them out, and it is a great start to September! I don't "work" as much as I used to at Usborne, and I pick and choose the work that I do with the books more carefully than I used to - I was obsessed at one time, and now I have taken a back seat and don't go looking for the work as much; I have been lucky in that enough business comes my way to keep me ticking over, but the Christmas season is approaching and I know that it will be busy!

Gymnastics started up again last night and the other coaches and I had forgotten how much physical work it is for us as well as for the girls - we all felt the strain last night!

Early to bed tonight as I have to travel to that 8.30 meeting tomorrow so I'll have to be up with the birds in the morning.

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