Thursday, 11 September 2008

A sick day

for one of the FGs - the YFG has had a swollen throat today and stayed at home, snuggled under a duvet for most of the day. She watched some TV, played games on the internet and read some books and generally had a rest, so I think that she will be fit to go to school tomorrow although probably not to gymnastics tomorrow afternoon. She can take a break from that and go on Saturday.

I have made bread as usual today, spoken to my dad about his health (he has to have an ECG tomorrow), taken delivery of lots of books, and generally looked after the YFG. I have sent some "fishing" emails for work, and organised a venue and a couple of stalls for the Macmillan coffee morning at the end of the month, so that is a start!

Hopefully, I will get more done tomorrow, but it has been nice to have a slow day for a change, and do things at a more restful pace! I have also taken time to look through lots of the new books that I have for selling.

This week I am having an experimental "skirt week" wearing skirts every day. I usually wear trousers nearly all the time, but I am beginning to feel that I should wear skirts more often. There are passages in the Bible that indicate that women should not wear men's clothing and that we should be different. I feel smarter and more feminine in skirts and I have to say that I have done all the things that I usually do, just wearing a skirt - gardening, cleaning rabbit hutches out, wading through the mud in the chicken run in my wellies, carrying wood around the yard, all wearing a skirt. It hasn't caused any problems, and I have felt that when I have needed to pop out to pick up the YFG from school or nip to the Post Office, I have been smarter than running up there in yoga pants from Mackays and plastic clogs - I am beginning to actively feel scruffy when dressed like that. Do people treat me differently wearing a skirt? Not sure that I have noticed that yet, so will have to persevere and see how it goes. I think that I will continue, but in the winter, if I get that far, I am going to have to find some much thicker skirts, probably in the charity shops, or some kind of leggings to wear under the skirts for warmth. I do wear very long skirts so no one would know! I have to wear a tracksuit for gym and I will continue to do that for the sake of practicality, but that is about the only time when I have to wear trousers.

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