Saturday, 20 September 2008


This is the enormous egg that one of my hens laid yesterday, pictured above next to a more normal sized egg from one of her companions. I was going to say that I could not imagine laying that, but having had two children, I am afraid I can!!! I scrambled it for the EFG's breakfast this morning, and it had two yolks inside. The shell was quite thin, so I am thinking that this probably indicates that this particular hen is coming to the end of her laying life, but since I don't know which hen that is, she'll continue to be part of the flock for now.

The new chicks and the quail are all eating well and seem to have settled in. The FH is going to create a proper pen for the quail later but for now they are doing fine scurrying around in an oversized rabbit hutch. They do jump up as if trying to take flight, but they don't seem to hurt their heads too much on the wire, thank goodness!

After gymnastics today, I continued the energetic theme to the day by digging over one of my vegetable beds. The FH keeps reminding me that he wants to plant over-wintering broad beans, but that is pretty much all he mutters - I knew that what he was really saying was that I should prepare the ground so that he could plant them! So, the ground is now ready, and hopefully he will get them planted soon whilst the soil is warm from the sunshine we are enjoying this weekend. The YFG took great pleasure from cutting the back lawn for me, closely supervised. I will have to do the front again soon.

The YFG had a friend round to play for a couple of hours this evening, and once again, I had to stretch a meal for four to feed five, but it worked OK, and no one went hungry. Ironing beckons yet again, so that is it for today.

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